2014 – The Builder (Sitting Quietly, Doing Nothing) & 2016 – Entering Another Unknown Place

Durational drawing performance (20 days)/ live drawing, pencil and charcoal on paper. Kuva/Tila (Exhibition Laboratory), The Finnish Academy of Fine Arts, Helsinki, FI, 2014.

Durational drawing performance (5 days)/ live drawing, charcoal on paper, Ti-la2016, Jyväskylä, FI, 2016.

To take a step on the unknown, unsafe ground
Feeling insecure and uncomfortable
Being afraid of failing
Maybe just get bored
Or maybe get into an adventure, finding something new
Maybe something in between

It’s a risk to start a journey without any plan
But it’s impossible to know what’s going happen anyway
This place will never be the same again
And this moment will never happen again

Entering Another Unknown Place is a five-day long drawing performance based on duration, repetition and improvisation. The performance will happen daily in the gallery space during the opening hours. The purpose of the piece is not to lead to any predefined final result. It’s a continuously changing process. The spectators are welcome to follow this process for any duration, once or several times.


© Maria Pääkkönen